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Conference Corner

We are pleased to announce the 2017 conference is scheduled for September 23rd and 24th at Hilton Garden Inn in Casper, WY (Mulligan Concept) and LLC in Casper, WY (Infinity Walk - Sensational Kids). This year's courses are; Treating Disorders with Sensorimotor, Cognitive-Language and Psychosocial Components: Using Best-Use Practices of the Infinity Walk® Method - School Based Applications and Mulligan Concept

No online registration will be offered this year and there are only 60 spots available for each course so get your registrations in early to secure your spot.

Please see below for more information on our courses.
Please check back at the Conference Corner for more information as it becomes available closer to the conference dates. Brochures will be coming soon.

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Jacquelin Poole, MOTR/L
1695 N Mill Creek Rd
Casper, WY 82604

Infinity Walk - Sensational Kids:Treating Disorders with Sensorimotor, Cognitive-Language and Psychosocial Components: Using Best-Use Practices of the Infinity Walk® Method - School Based Applications


This interactive and media enhanced 2-day clinical practicum teaches the Infinity Walk method's use in a school-base setting. Created by psychologist Deborah Sunbeck, Infinity Walk is a highly motivating therapeutic method that progressively builds and integrates essential skills that improve treatment outcomes and encourage home practice. Infinity Walk utilizes a therapeutic context of natural movements and behaviors that occur during normal activity to advance and integrate motor, reflex, attention, sensory, cognitive, expressive language, social and emotional skills. Infinity Walk method is a versatile and cost-effective therapeutic team treatment tool that is easy to integrate into a treatment plan. The skilled therapist quickly learns to adapt the method for each student to create optimal user motivation with just-right challenges and immediate self-observed successes that reward sustained focus and effort, and emotional resiliency.

Participants will develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the Infinity Walk method and its many therapeutic applications and adaptations, and gain sufficient practice and experience to immediately begin to apply the method. Infinity Walk treatment strategies will be discussed for use in both individual and small group environments. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of how to introduce and progress the method with their current students in mind.


Deborah Sunbeck, PhD is a New York licensed psychologist with over 35 years of clinical experience in child, adult and family therapy; and, more recently in geriatric psychotherapy and consulting in skilled nursing facility settings. She specializes in developmental, perceptual and behavioral-cognitive deficits that impede successful acquisition of academic, work, social and daily life-skills throughout the life span.

Dr. Sunbeck is the creator of Infinity Walk®, a versatile therapeutic method that adds value to clinical treatment programs administered by OT, PT, SLP providers and other healthcare and special education professionals. She has been providing training practicums for allied healthcare providers for over 20 years and her second book, Infinity Walk - The Physical Self (2002) was written specifically for the allied healthcare provider.

  1. Observe, facilitate and document skill-building in over 15 attention, sensorimotor, cognitive-language and psychosocial components of performance while engaging the student in playfully administered progressive performance challenges.
  2. Understand and describe the neurological foundation of Infinity Walk theory and treatment method well enough to articulate it to other allied healthcare professionals and skillfully apply the methodology, both within a specialty and as part of an allied healthcare team approach.
  3. Select, develop and modify Infinity Walk progressive intervention strategies for justright inclusion into therapeutic treatment and educational plans.
  4. Easily articulate to parents and paraprofessionals how to successfully facilitate a playful version of Infinity Walk to extend practice time into home, childcare and residential settings.

Mulligan Concept: The Mobilization With Movement Concept Upper Quarter- Spinal and Peripheral Manual Therapy Treatment Techniques For Upper Quarter


This two-day course will present the Mobilization with Movement approach to manual therapy for the Cervical and Thoracic spine as well as for the upper extremity. It will include lecture, patient demonstrations, and lab time to give the participants a thorough and in depth coverage of the Mobilization With Movement approach for the upper quarter. This unique approach to manual therapy was discovered and developed by Brian Mulligan F.N.Z.S.P. (Hon), Dip. M.T. from Wellington, New Zealand. This simple yet effective manual approach addresses musculoskeletal disorders with pain free manual joint "repositioning" techniques for restoration of function and abolition of pain.


Eric M. Dinkins, PT, MS, OCS, Cert. MT, CMP, MCTA

Eric graduated with from the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 2001. He has worked with the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association on courses since 2007. He received full accreditation as an instructor in the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association in 2014. He received a post-graduate Certificate in Manipulative Therapy in 2003. Currently, he is on the teaching staff of Select Medical Corporation, Northeast Seminars, and Herman and Wallace. Eric received his Board Certification in Orthopedics in 2013. Publications: "Management of symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome with use of a traction straight leg raise: A preliminary case series." Manual Therapy. August 2013.Volume 18, Issue 4, Pages 299-302.

  • Understand the guidelines for safe and effective technique selection
  • Provide a thorough and in depth instruction and practice of the MWM techniques for the upper quarter
  • Develop the knowledge and manual skills to successfully apply and integrate the MWM techniques
  • Integrate taping techniques with Mobilization with Movement
  • Develop an understanding of potential mechanisms involved in Mobilization with Movement including current concepts in physical rehabilitation
  • Improve clinical outcomes through clinical reasoning using Mobilization with Movement

Two Day Course 8:00AM - 4:00PM (13 hours)
Instruction in the MWM concept with lecture, demonstration and lab practice
Hand: IP, MCP, Metacarpals, Carpals, and taping techniques
Wrist: MWMs for flexion, extension, supination, pronation, and taping
Elbow: flexion, extension, proximal radioulnar jt, tennis elbow treatments, HEP
Shoulder: manual and belt MWMs for elevation, IR, ER, functional activities, HEP
Acromioclavicular jt: MWMs, and taping
Cervical: NAGs, Reverse NAGs, SNAGs for flexion, extension, rotation, SB, HEP
techniques, traction techniques, Positional SNAGs, Spinal Mobilizations with Arm Movements
Headache/Upper Cervical assessment and treatment techniques
Ribs: MWMs for ribs 1-12
Thoracic: SNAGs for rotation, flexion, SB, extension

  • Wear loose, comfortable lab clothes.
  • Bring mobilization belts (9' tubular nylon belts at course for $25, mobilization pads (3 pack for $20), Manual Therapy NAGS, SNAGS, and MWMs, etc 6th Edition ($40 at course)

Manual Therapy, "NAGS", "SNAGS", "MWMS", etc., 6th ed. Brian Mulligan

Eric Dinkins, PT, MS, OCS, Cert. MT, MCTA
5 Donnington Ct
Castle Rock, CO 80104
C 720-352-1776

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